On Fear of Failure

Today I talk with personal and business coach and author Peter Sewell about the fear of failure and other fears that frequently hold us back.

Episode Goal

Starting a business can be scary. Few experiences are as emotionally and intellectually taxing as starting a business and even more seeing it through and surviving past the early years.

And yet, the number of entrepreneurs (of all kinds) is on the rise, especially in “developing” economies, albeit informally.

In this episode, I talk to a guest who has traveled all over the world interacting with and teaching entrepreneurs from all walks of life about how he addresses some of the most common fears people face that keep them from starting businesses.


Peter Sewell is a business coach and has traveled to over 50 countries both for business and pleasure. In many of his travels, he teaches entrepreneurs from all walks of life and all ages how to create and run small and medium-sized enterprises. He is also a self-published fiction author, beloved husband, and proud father of seven.

In this episode, Peter talks to us about some of the fears entrepreneurs from all over the world face when starting a business and how he helps them overcome those fears. Peter also employs his background in life coaching to frequently help people overcome mental hang-ups that might hinder them from taking that next big step.

Key Themes

I asked ChatGPT to produce a list of some of the most common insecurities entrepreneurs face and it gave me these:

1. “I'm not experienced enough"

2. "I don't have enough money to start"

3. "I'm afraid of failure"

4. "I don't have a unique idea"

5. "I'll have no work-life balance"

6. "I'm not good enough compared to others"

7. "It's too late to start a business"

8. "I don't have a business background"

9. "I'll lose stability and security"

10. "I'm afraid of criticism and rejection"

11. "I have imposter syndrome"

12. "I don't have a support network"

Suggested Reading

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Where to find Peter

You can find Peter on his instagram @smileypete01 or website www.petersewell.com

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