FAQs for Individuals

Q: Is this therapy?

A: While CCT is not therapy, I do have a formal background in psychology and I draw a lot of material from time-test approaches within psychology as well as several other disciplines. I don't believe in cookie-cutter solutions or quick-fixes and one-size-fits all approaches. Ultimately the value you are paying for is an approach custom-tailored to your needs and goals.

Q: Is this coaching?

A: I am using the term "curation" because I was bothered by the fact that there is no universally agreed upon definition for the word "coach" or qualification for anyone identifying as one. While I hate gate-keeping and prefer inclusion, I decided to use a word I could define for my own purposes along with standards I could control and deliver.

Q: How is the CCT Method different?

A: I am trained in the scientific method and draw all of my knowledge from peer-reviewed literature as well as books from specialists in their fields.

However, I am constantly reading, learning, and curious about what new knowledge might inform new practice. I do not believe in a one-size-fits all approach to collaborative work.

I believe in frameworks and values that facilitate the practice of exchange and co-creation. The CCT Method is different because we are achieving your goals together. I am merely the experienced point of reference and guide.

Q: Where do the sessions take place?

A: While I prefer in-person sessions, I've designed all the material to be doable online as well.

FAQs for Businesses

Q: What is your experience?

A: While you can find a breakdown of my experience in the disclaimer, the summary is that I've amassed a total of 10 years experience working across industries in the US and Europe. I've worked in the noisy, fast-paced streets of Manhattan and the quiet libraries of globally recognized research institutes of Germany. I've worked in single digit startups and bootstrap, ragtag Venture Capital firms at the edge of future research. I presently work at an International University in Germany where I've helped to streamline communication within the Academic and Student Services Department.

Q: What are you qualifications

A: I would refer you to the disclaimer, but in summary I have a background in philosophy and psychology from Binghamton University (New York, United States) and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Leipzig, Germany Faculty of Economics and Management. I interviewed a dozen companies and wrote my thesis on the marketing decision making processes in startups. It was here where my passion for performance was solidified.

Q: Do you hold workshops or keynotes?

A: I love to work with people in a business setting. It is a true passion of mine. Please feel free to subscribe and then get in touch to discuss my rates. I truly believe in the power of in-person group work especially within companies and what it possible when all that people-power comes together.

In my heart I am a thinker, writer, and communicator but none of that matters if you have no one to think with, write for or speak to. I'm always happy to entertain suggestions for keynotes and speaking. Please feel free to subscribe and contact me to discuss further.

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